Gears in the Machine

Some stuff is a-brewing

"Welcome to Corvis, my friends" -P.D.

Corvis, the City of Ghosts.
Merchants that plied the Black River and Dragon’s Tongue founded the city almost nine hundred years ago, right at the edge of a natural harbour where the rivers meet, and the city grew fast, thanks to it’s location on major trade routes. Today a hundred thousand souls call Corvis home and more arrive every day to thrive, hustle, or study at the Corvis University.
The next closest major city is Point Bourne, over two hundred leagues to the west, and farther still downstream is the infamous Five Fingers, which you adventurous folk are already familiar with.

Most people in Corvis are human, but there are some elvenkind and dwarves passing through.
If one needs a good blacksmith, there are some fine dwarven shops in the armourers ‘bourg, and muscle can be hired amongst thugs at the waterfront. It is better to keep to the merchant’s ‘bourg at night, where the Watch is always close at hand. River folk are a tough lot and there is plenty of trouble waiting for those who aren’t careful. Corvis has seen adventurers tougher than you floating in the harbour.

Being built on a swamp, space is precious, and the folks of Corvis tend to build up rather than across. Down at street level, lost in the mists, are the rough stone structures of Old Corvis. Built on top of them are the elegant spires of New Corvis – home to the merchant elite. In between are shops and homes of the regular folk, and it’s all connected by a maze of ramps, bridges, canals and tunnels that would drive even dwarven engineer mad!

The wonders of Corvis, like so much else in the Iron Kingdoms, wouldn’t have been possible without the advent of the steamjacks. The first of the metal giants were brought to the city about 300 years ago, where they worked the quarries, cutting stones for new buildings. They also carved roads and worked the docks – without them, Corvis would be a second-rate, rotten cesspool like Five Fingers. If curious about the stemjacks, one only needs to visit the docks, there are always some there, hauling cargo about.

Corvis is a maze, and that’s just what can be found above ground. The original city, laid nine centuries ago, has long since been swallowed by the swamp. The Undercity is now a maze of catacombs, and is home to naught but the worst folk you can find in any corner of the Iron Kingdoms.

People say that Old Corvis is haunted by the ghosts of the first settlers, many of who died in the early days. They also believe that anyone who drowns in the canals or the harbour is doomed to walk the city for eternity. The dead are also said to walk about openly in the Undercity, which is one more reason to stay out.

Right now the Longest Night is approaching.
Once every year or so an eclipse blackens the skies all over the Iron Kingdoms. Here in Corvis the eclipse has always ushered the largest festival, a grand all-night party. The streets will be full of revellers, and spirits too, if locals are to be believed… It’s going to be some exciting time for adventurers, mark my words!

Welcome to Corvis guys!



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