Gears in the Machine

The Smooth, the Shy and the Pretty

5/6 Malleus, Octesh, 601 AR
Demonshead Pass

The dusk fell sooner than we expected.
There we all were – me, the tiny guy, the stocky guy, a group of terrified people and little Albert. There we were in the middle of nowhere right next to huge nothing and a great empty abyss. After I built campfires and people were safely placed in the cars, me and Perth had a walk around the site. Found a body. Some well-dressed woman with a slit throat, very strange. Later we learned she was seen on the train. Where else would she come from here anyway?

Just as we found marks on the ground leading to a cave (someone must have dragged something on the ground), all hell broke loose. A barraged of fiery arrows fell from the mountains. We had to evacuate the train and take the people to the cave. I’m not sure how it happened that a group of well-off townfolk look to me for protection, but they really do. Probably it’s because they’re a bunch of wussies. We lost some of them on the way, unfortunately not that self-important prick from the cathedral car. Oh wise Dhunia, I can’t stand the guy and I pity his wife wholeheartedly.

In the cave there was a small chamber with a pool of blood and some mechanikal parts. And some footprints of a person with a limp. Found a finger with a ring! Gross, to be honest, but I just want to see the look on Mikah’s face when I wake him up and show it to him first thing in the morning.

We met this woman Virginia, she writes for the press. She’s relentlessly pestering Perth, I think she believes we know what’s happening – with the train, with the attack etc. Well, we don’t. I have no bloody idea. But she’s useful too, at least she’s not prone to panic.

Oh, and the main attraction of the night. As we sat in the cave, hoping to finally rest, Perth went to explore the place further and heard some voices… Suddenly, he started screaming like a little girl and – bam! – out from the dark appear the most unnatural things and attack us. Sweet Dhunia, I have never seen anything as abominable as that. Dead bodies somehow come alive, with mechanikal parts in them… Ugh! We quickly disposed of them, though Perth and Micah were badly injured in the fight. Honestly, I think they should leave the whole fighting business to me, they were rather pathetic. But I felt sorry for them.

And here’s the big news! The cave leads to the Gnarls! We might not end up dead from the desert heat or being killed by mysterious bandits or some ghouls with tubes and scissorhands. No! We are totally gonna die in the swamps, killed by wild beasts or some angry druids. We spotted some eerie glow in the distance that I think is druid magic. I wonder what happened to that poor dead gobber we found at the exit to the woods.
A lot has transpired this past day and night. I set off on this journey to get to know the world but, truth be told, I don’t like what I’ve learned so far. The lesson seems to be: everyone’s out to get me. Why? I haven’t even had time to step on anyone’s toes, clumsy as I am. This is not right.

Sossamon L.


Trochę spóźnione, ale wielkie <3, chichrałem się przez całą czytankę :D
Well done madame!

The Smooth, the Shy and the Pretty

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