Perth Leecombe

battle geek


Monk of the Order of the Fist, level 3, 3875 exp.

race Midlunder age 25
gender male height 1,85 m
deity Menoth weight 100 kg
alignment lawful neutral hair red
nationality Sul-Menese eyes blue
STATS Score Mod Temp.
STR 11 0  
DEX 11 0  
CON 9 -1  
INT 15 +2  
WIS 13 +1  
CHA 10 0  
SAVES Score Base save Ability mod. Misc. mod. Temp. mod.
2 = 3 -1    
3 = 3 0    
4 = 3 +1    
COMBAT base unarmed   INITIATIVE DEX mod Misc. mod
base attack 2 3 (= 2 + 1 from weapon focus)   4 = 0 4
AC base armor + shield DEX mod Misc. mod   SPEED
11 = 10 0 + 0 0 +1 (WIS)   40 ft.
hit points: 13 wounds: 0 /13 nonlethal:  
Weapon damage critical range weight type notes
unarmed strike 1d6 x2 - - bludgeoning normal or subdual damage
quarterstaff 1d6/1d6 x2 - 4 lb bludgeoning  
sling 1d4 x2 50 ft - bludgeoning no ammo ATM
meat cleaver (handaxe) 1d6 x3 - 5 lb slashing  
knife (dagger; 2 of these!) 1d4 19 – 20, x2 10 ft 1 lb piercing  
Class skill key.
Rank misc. notes
Appraise [crossclass] INT 2 = +2
Concentration CON 0 = -1 1
Craft (alchemy) INT 5 = +2 3
Craft (demolitions) [crossclass, untrained can’t use] INT 4 = +2   +2 (synergy bonus from 5 Craft (alchemy))
Craft (general) INT 2 = +2
Craft (gunsmithing) [untrained can’t use] INT 2 = +2 (if 5 or more, will give synergy +2 to Craft (small arms))
Craft (tools) INT 2 = +2
Diplomacy [crossclass] CHA 5 = 3 (6) +2
Forgery [crossclass] INT 2 = +2
Heal [crossclass] WIS 1 = +1
Hide DEX 3 = 3
Jump STR 4 = 4
Knowledge (religion) INT 4 = +2 +2
Listen WIS 6 = +1 5
Move silently DEX 5 = 5
Profession (detective) WIS 1 = +1
Search INT 2 = +2
Sense Motive WIS 7 = +1 4 +2
Spot WIS 6 = +1 5
Survival [crossclass] WIS 1 = +1

Feats and class skills:
unarmed strike: considered armed even when unarmed – armed opponents don’t get attacks of opportunity when i attack unarmed.
stunning attack: supernatural, once per round, not more than once per level per day; if declared, a stunning attack is a normal unarmed attack, which in addition to normal damage forces the opponent to make a Fort. saving throw (DC: 10 + 1/2 of monk’s level + WIS mod); if save fails, the opponent is stunned for 1 round (can’t act, loses DEX bonus to AC, attackers get +2 on attacks against stunned.
evasion: extraordinary ability; no damage received when successful Ref. save against attack which usually deals half damage on successful save.
improved initiative: +4 on initiative checks.
two-weapon fighting: smaller penalties when fighting with two weapons; if quarterstaff and unarmed the attack penalties are at -2, -6.
flurry of blows: additional attack unarmed or with monk weapon (at highest attack bonus), but all attacks in that round at -2 penalty. (unarmed: -2, -2; quarterstaff: -4, -4, -8.)
deflect arrows: once per round, one hand free, must be aware of the attack and not flat-footed, doesn’t count as action; when hit with a ranged weapon, may make a Ref. save (DC 20 + possible magical attack bonus of the weapon) to deflect; exceptional weapons can’t be deflected.
still mind: +2 to saving throws against Enchantment spells and effects.
weapon focus (unarmed strike): +1 to all attack rolls.

sling, with empty pouch for bullets.
backpack with waterskin.
trail rations for 1 day.
flint and steel.
2 torches.
meat cleaver (handaxe.).
2 chef’s knives (daggers.).
disguise kit (contains mirror, cosmetics, hair dyes, sets of plain clothes and coats, wigs, razor, et cetera.).


Perth’s Midlunder grandparents moved to Sul in 562 AR when the growing Morrowan majority in their fishing village on the banks of Black River northeast of King’s Vine became increasingly hostile toward their Menite neighbors. strangers in a strange land, the entire immigrant community maintained close relations, encouraging marriages between their children, among them Perth’s parents. they were a modest but tight-knit bunch living in the dockside part of town. part of them being traders, the families never lost touch with the outside world, occasionally visiting Caspia.

a fourth child of eight, Perth spent much time in his oldest sibling’s care once she was old enough to help out her ofttimes pregnant mother, and it was her who compelled Perth to enjoy reading—not just because that kept him silent and occupied—and later pay special attention in churchside school. her death in a robbery of their uncle’s shop contributed to his shaping devotion to the law. albeit the authorities have punished her murderers, the investigation was sloppy enough to raise Perth’s doubt that apprehended persons were the real culprits and not just random thugs who had admitted anything the scrutators might suggest.

this new sentiment, combined with Perth’s persisting inclination to study even when family pressurized him to take up work as stevedore along his brothers in order to help feed the younger children in the family drove him to become less of a burden by joining the Order of the Fist despite his lack of religious zeal, which he hoped to even out with his dedication to justice. in training at the Monastery of the Fist, he proved himself a swift thinker with a logical, scientific approach, and was later assigned to the Order’s struggling investigations division, which would also make good use of his well-developed skills in covert surveillance. he favored physical exercise to theological studies, but in fact neither of these areas aroused his particular interest, resulting in abandonment of further drills once his noviciate ended. he did pursue his interest in alchemy, which he had picked up at the Monastery’s munitions workshop.

transferred to Ancient Icthier, which he had requested hoping to explore its great historical significance, Perth often policed the scorned Idrian minority, which, along with witnessing some of the other monks’ abusive attitudes, brought him to the brink of doubt that the Temple’s verdicts really were those of Menoth—a feeling strengthened by the influence of his grandfather, a tidesman [and former river sailor and presumably smuggler] skilled in handling all sorts of people from all over Western Immoren. beginning to question the Protectorate’s oppressive system, Perth was relieved to be offered a less harmful mission (with the additional perk of traveling abroad.) as his supervisor’s eyes and ears in a rival Menite spy ring in Five Fingers.

Perth Leecombe

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